Frankly, believable

Yesterday (Tuesday) was Tisha B’Av. So, I was glad the latest issue of Private Eye had arrived, as I knew (alongside its usual excellent investigative reporting) I would find a few things to laugh about and cheer me up.

Let me share one of them with you. Incidentally, this is not from one of their humor pages, but the Books section. It’s an email sent by an editorial intern at Simon & Schuster on 24 June 2013

“Dear Sir/Madam

I am writing with a query. I was just wondering if you could help me with finding the original author of Anne Frank’s Diary (1947). I am aware Otto Frank edited it, and I know that this could possibly make him the copyright owner. I would really appreciate it if you were able to help me find the original author from the copyright page in the original publication.”

Methinks somebody’s educational curriculum had a few blank spaces.