Coming up fast

[Crossposted from the Ra’anana Boardgames Group blog, here.]

Before the games this week, Peleg, Laurie, and I handled the emotionally difficult task of burying the family goldfish. After a few meaningful words – Get a move on! – it was time to go and game.

This week’s session saw a game start split between Smallworld and Hansa Teutonica.

Yehuda, Laurie, and Rosalynn played Hansa, and I am hoping Yehuda will sneak in sometime to post some details.

Azriel, Michael, Peleg and I played Smallworld.

This was the first time out in the game for Azriel and Michael, and though there was a degree of – Oh no! What have I got myself into? – at the beginning, this slowly, but surely, receded.

Azriel took great delight in choosing his next race, and probably would have scored better if he had focused on points rather than the cool factor. However, he enjoyed himself and that is the main thing.

Michael, wisely, didn’t trust any of the advice I was giving him… Also, he did not shy away from the occasional blood thirsty land grab that is so, so necessary in this game. Fortunately, for me, I was at the other end of the board, so it was poor Peleg who suffered much more than anyone else. That was why Peleg finished a wee bit behind Michael. (But you were still in the top three, Peleg!) I held on for the win – just ahead of Michael – which gives me a 3-0 record in the game. I had a good time. These last two sentences are not connected.

I believe the others played a game of Geschenkt using the cards from the Walking Dead game. How radical!

Thanks to Rosalynn for hosting.

That’s it till after Tisha B’Av.