Wonders of five

[Crossposted from the Ra’anana Boardgames Group blog.]

At this week’s session we had five – David, Laurie, Rochelle, Yehuda, and yours truly – and played one well known game, and one making its first appearance at the group.

First up was 7 Wonders. All had played it except David, prompting Laurie to announce that he would win it because every first time player had done so. We’ll see about that, thought the others.  Unfortunately, Laurie was right. David reaped a ton of points from his Science cards and sneaked into first just ahead of Laurie, then me. Rochelle made a bit of a boo-boo in her military campaign, otherwise she would have been right up there. Poor Yehuda got a right royal stuffing and probably made his lowest ever score. We were all very sympathetic towards him and did not taunt him about this…

Next up was Attila, Only I had played it before, so I taught it  and was so busy doing that, naturally everyone did better than me. (That’s my excuse, and I am sticking to it!)

This is a game of influence with the players competing among the six tribes rampaging across Europe. You score influence by playing cards, and when there is a scoring round you want to have the most or second most influence in as many tribes as possible. However, while playing cards and putting tribal representatives on the board, you have to watch out for overpopulation which leads to war and the potential loss of bodies.

It’s fair to say that David, Yehuda and I were quite (or quietly?) aggressive, as we sought victory. But we were so busy doing this we overlooked Rochelle’s silent approach. That got Rochelle the win, with Yehuda managing a respectable second.

Thanks to Rochelle for hosting  a fine night of gaming.