Sticks and stones

From the Jerusalem Post:

Shas leader attacks chief rabbinate candidate

Rabbi Ovadia Yosef calls Rabbi David Stav “an evil man”; comment follows Yosef’s move to block Amar bill.

Shas spiritual leader Rabbi Ovadiah Yosef issued a fierce attack against candidate for the chief rabbinate Rabbi David Stav Saturday night, calling him “an evil man.”

Yosef’s comments come just days after the rabbi instructed Shas MKs to block the so called Amar bill which was designed to allow serving Sephardi Chief Rabbi Shlomo Amar to stand again for election.

The terms of the deal were for Amar to support Stav in return for Bayit Yehudi helping pass the legislation to enable Amar’s re-election.

“This man is dangerous to Judaism, the Torah and the rabbinate,” said Yosef in reference to Stav during his weekly Torah lesson.

“Rabbi Amar is an upright and righteous man by they are using his name to elect an evil man who is unfitting to be anything,” Yosef continued.

“Suddenly everyone is shouting that they want Stav [as chief rabbi]; if he was a Talmud Hacham [learned Torah Scholar] they would hate him,” the rabbi claimed.

You can read it all, here.

Is this type of behavior real Rabbinic leadership in action? Is this Torah in practice? Is this Judaism? If so, it’s not for me.

There is something badly wrong out there.

I hope and pray that there are good people working behind the scenes to stop this nonsense – now, and forever. If rabbonim are going to promote themselves, and be involved in politics – party or otherwise – they must set a good example, if not a shining, dazzling example, of how to be a Jew in the modern world. Getting ‘down and dirty’ is neither Jewish, nor appropriate. It’s also wrong from any objective viewpoint.

Oh boy; what a bad start to the week that is.