Shabbat gaming

Over Shabbat Ken hosted a game session with him, his son Oren, Rosalynn and me. We played Puerto Rico and Smallworld: Underground.

Puerto Rico was new to Rosalynn. I told her just to do everything I instructed her to do and she would be fine. The smart lady ignored me. She picked up the game very quickly and built up a good score; more than respectable for a first outing. Ken and Oren fought it out for the win, with Ken just getting the decision. I was in last place, but claimed a moral victory for causing the game end before the margin of defeat got worse!

I got my revenge in Smallworld: Underground. (Hee, hee!) I had played the original Smallworld (once) so had an understanding of the rules. However, the races and powers are all different so it wasn’t much of an advantage. (Damn!) ┬áRosalynn suffered by holding on too long to her first creature race. Ken and Oren had done well, but hadn’t scored well enough in the early rounds to trouble me. But Oren did very well, and I dare say he and Ken will relish a return match.

Thanks for hosting, Ken.