Out with it

Disgraced (as far as I am concerned) politician Aryeh Deri cannot redeem himself at a stroke. However, according to this Ynet piece, his declaration in the face of Anti-Arab graffiti that:

“The hands that spelled out this sentence ‘Arabs out’ needs to remember that the hands of our greatest haters wrote ‘Jews out’. It’s the same thing.”

“We need to take responsibility; there are Jews all over the world. We can’t be shocked to see this in Europe and cry ‘anti-Semitism’ while not condemning it here at home. It’s not Judaism, it’s the opposite of Judaism and Torah. Whoever did this, has hurt the Torah.”

…is at least a step in the right direction. I wish there had been more Israeli politicians showing solidarity and support for the victims. We need to stamp out this racist rubbish.