About that student essay of yours…

From the Herald:

US seeks Rouhani’s GCU essays

UNIVERSITY essays written by the new President of Iran who studied in Scotland are being sought by the Pentagon.

Days after Dr Hassan Rouhani’s election win on June 14, officials from the US Defence Department contacted Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU).

Dr Rouhani, 64, studied in Glasgow in the 1990s and gained a Masters and PhD from the university’s Law department. He would have to give his permission for the work to be made public.

GCU’s principal and vice- chancellor Professor Pamela Gillies said: “I would like to congratulate our alumnus, Hassan Rouhani, on being elected president of Iran, a truly significant achievement. I hope his period as a scholar at Glasgow Caledonian University will prove beneficial as he assumes office, and I wish him every success as he works towards a positive future for Iran and its people.”

Don’t say you haven’t been warned!

[Note: the report says “He would have to give his permission for the work to be made public.” However, that has no bearing on security considerations. For example, if MI6 obtain the essays, that does not make them public. Do they have the right to access the material? What’s your guess? And if MI6 have them, the US Defense Department will have them. What use will these essays be? Well, if they are anything like my university material, words like “drivel”, “useless”, and “who wrote this rubbish?” spring to mind.]