1967 and 2013

Two cool pieces from the IDF blog for you to enjoy.

From 1967

The first is a set of six new (certainly new to me) pictures from the 6 Day War.  As the bog says:

In the Six-Day War (June 5-10, 1967), the IDF fought some of the defining battles of Israeli history and of the 20th Century. But what happened during preparation beforehand, and during those six days in between the battles? These are the people who fought for Israel’s freedom – some famous, some not – and six heartfelt moments that happened behind the headlines.

The pictures are here. Burning question: where the hell did the puppies come from?

To 2013

The second is a feature about HaBayit Shel Benji (Benji’s house), a home for IDF lone soldiers. The place is named after Benji Hillman, a British-born IDF soldier who fell in the 2006 Second Lebanon War. His parents decided to commemorate his life by working towards establishing this center, currently hosting 50 lone soldiers.  As the parent of a lone soldier (before we made aliyah) I can appreciate how much this place will mean to those fortunate enough to snag a place.

The details are here. Burning question: how many lone soldiers played their part in 1967?