Who is the most nefarious of all?

[Crossposted from the Ra’anana Boardgames Group blog, here.]


Laura, Laurie, Rochelle, Yehuda and I gathered round the table to look in awe at the Pastiche game box, then ignore it while we played other games…

First up was Nefarious, only Yehuda and I having played this before. Everyone else picked it up quickly – though I think Rochelle would have preferred to not only pick it up, but throw it away as well – and play proceeded smoothly. One of the rule twists we drew limited the cash in hand by forcing each player to round down to the nearest 5 coins (if he had 5 or more) at the end of each round. That prolonged the game and possibly also contributed to a reasonably tight finish. Although Yehuda won, at least two of us were one turn away from a better finish. The game did not get a great reception – especially from Rochelle – but I would play it again. It’s dry, but easy, and the rule twists add some sparkle.

Next up was the meaty Age of Industry. Only Laura was new to this. Laurie was intent on trying out a new strategy, despite Yehuda’s best advice. Unfortunately, while the strategy as a lot of fun – how she enjoyed collecting those loan cards! – it didn’t work. Yehuda, true to form, won just head of Laura, Rochelle and me. Again, a tight finish. This time Laura and Rochelle were less than impressed with the game, so it may be a wee while before we see it again. I like it and hate it in equal measure. I cannot play it for toffee, but enjoy watching other people’s strategies.

And then it was time to go home.