The Last Minute – Jeff Abbott

Sam Capra, ex CIA, was betrayed by his wife to a sinister criminal organization. She is in a coma, and the baddies have his baby son. Sam would do anything to get his son back. The baddies know this, and blackmail Sam into helping them achieve their nefarious goals, or else…

On the plus side, there is plenty of action, there are several twists in the plot, and the author does a very good job of delivering constant tension and a sense of danger. In short, it’s a good page-turner.

On the less than positive side, some of the suspension of disbelief required is too much. Put aside the inevitable superhero characteristics of Sam Capra, and you still wonder how some of the other players – like Mila the female killing machine, and Leonie the computer genius – could possibly do what they are supposed to have done. And while the criminal organization has some degree of robustness as an idea, the opposing Round Table (bunch of goodies) comes across as a piece of Holywood hokum. It’s not credible and it doesn’t work.

In summary, if you put your reasoning powers on hold, you will be entertained. But I wish the author would ditch this lot and do something different that stacked up as being more credible. In other words, he needs to change the formula to get the best out of his writing skill.

Score: 6/10