Tales from the trip – mountain biking

Here be cyclists...

Here be cyclists…

On our trip back to Scotland, Susan and I were lucky enough to squeeze in two days of cycling at Glentress.


On the first outing, we were even luckier and had David Sinclair (of Five Star Fitness) to accompany us on the red run. The weather was dry, though occasionally overcast, with fog (!) and mist on some of the higher areas.


The temperature was fine for me, though whatever cold Susan felt soon dissipated with the exertion of the climb.


We had a great day out; we climbed up the hill, and we soared down the hill. Trouble free. At the end of the day’s biking we recharged our energy stores at the restaurant before David drove us home for a wee nap. (I cheated and had my nap in the car. This proves how good a driver David is.)

The three mountaineers!

The three mountaineers!

The second outing was just Susan and me. It had been a while since we were out for such intensive rides in close succession, so we were a little apprehensive. However, once we had shaken off the initial stiffness, we got in to our stride.

The weather this time around was sunnier – glorious blue skies – with a nasty surprise of a bitingly cold wind at the top.


At the top – on the Spooky Wood run – I took some pictures of a cyclist doing the first couple of jumps. Amazingly, we bumped into him (no, not literally…) at the end of the day and got his email details so I could send him the files.


The bike hire facilities are excellent, courtesy of Alpine bikes. Susan hired a Yeti (full suspension) for both rides. I also hired a full suspension bike – a Santa Cruz for the first day, and a Yeti for the second. My own Trek is a good bike, but these were noticeably better. However, my own bike is long overdue a service, so a direct comparison may be unfair.


Glorious exercise in a glorious, green setting. We love our trips to Glentress. One year we may plan a trip that keeps us in the Borders so we can do other rides of the 7 Stanes.

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