On the table is Stadtlohn, the fifth battle out of the Saints in Armor box. [See here for my initial quick review of the system.]

"Steady, lads. Steady!"

“Steady, lads. Steady!”

This is the quirkiest battle so far. It starts with the Protestant army trying to get its loot away from the enemy who are yet to appear on the map. However, the front line heavy infantry are not steady. So the first action is to decide if these guys – already with poor morale – flee or not. Historically they did, though the suggestion is it was a rearward move that lost cohesion and went downhill from there. As the Protestant player, you can recreate the flight, or gamble and have them hold steady. In the latter case, they may hold steady and be slaughtered. But, hey, it’s your game!

The winner will be the player who achieves his goal so far as the precious wagon train is concerned. So, the Protestant side can lose their army and win the game so long as they save the wagons. The Catholic forces need to get the wagons, probably, no matter what. As usual with the battles in the box, the historical notes are excellent and do a top notch job of creating a proper backdrop and rationale for what is going on. It definitely adds to the enjoyment.

I played this three times with the Protestants claiming one decisive and one marginal victory. The other game was a marginal Catholic victory. The Protestant decisive victory was the first attempt and I really screwed up things for the enemy to let that happen. And then savaged them with awful die rolling. Great fun.

"Are we ready?"

“Are we ready?”