Something special this way comes

One of the distinctive aspects (for me) about living in Israel, is the wind down on Friday afternoons as Shabbat approaches. The hustle and the bustle slowly ebbs away. The traffic thins out, household activity round and about seems to fade, and a special kind of invisible calm begins to settle.

As I write this, it’s mid afternoon in the run up to Shavuot, and it’s the same kind of experience happening now.

You don’t have to be religious or observant to appreciate it or benefit from it; a rest day is a chance to recharge the batteries in whatever way takes your fancy.

For Shavuot, the traditional orthodox Jewish approach is to learn Torah through the night, and do the morning prayers as early as possible. There are opportunities all over Ra’anana, and I am spoiled for choice. (But I do miss Shavuot in Glasgow, and have some very happy memories.)

To those who celebrate the chag, Chag Sameach. To everyone, just be well.