FT. Financial Times? Flipping Trash!

I saw this story mentioned in the Elder of Ziyon blog and thought it an important reminder: even the allegedly quality press belonging to the mainstream media is, often, garbage:

Financial Times Fantasy Air Strikes in Ramallah

Does Thomas Hill, an employee of Save the Children in the West Bank, believe that he is somehow helping Palestinian children by making up stories about Israeli air strikes in Ramallah?

In a May 24 “life and arts” feature in the Financial Times, Nathan Deuel describes Hill’s life in Ramallah, and the job which finds him “travelling weekely to Gaza, Hebron, Nablus and Jerusalem” (“Expat lives: Los Angeles to Ramallah”). “Hill’s ability to move around so widely is rare and gives him a good perspective on the region,” enthuses Deuel about the California native who relocated to the Middle East in May 2012.

The notion that Hill possesses a “good perspective on the region” is completely demolished as the Californian muses about his Ramallah life: “Things here are inconvenient, but it’s safe — with the exception of the random air strike.”

You don’t need to live in Ramallah, or travel weekly to Gaza, Hebron, Nablus and Jerusalem, to know that there have been no air strikes in Ramallah — random or otherwise — in something like 10 years. And with all due respect to Hill, his “good perspective” does not stretch back that far. According to the article, he and his wife arrived in Israel in May 2012, moved on to Ramallah sometime later. A photo caption at the top of the article…[snip]…repeats the false claim that there are air strikes in Ramallah.

Sloppy, sloppy, sloppy. But, hey, it’s only Israel being defamed. As CAMERA points out:

TheĀ Financial TimesĀ has allowed a story about an expatriot living in the West Bank to become yet another bit of poorly researched propaganda that portrays Israel in an unfair and inaccurate light.

Read the whole piece, here.