Four into one


Over Shabbat, I played the Waterloo game from Fading Glory by GMT games, a set of four playable Napoleonic battles in one box, served up with euro style counters, mounted mapboards, card driven random events, and full color components. It was as good to play as it looked, delivering a fun, gaming experience. It’s very much at the gaming end of the spectrum, so should be avoided by historical purists, using largely Corps sized forces and simple systems. But, boy is it fun.

What did I like?

  • Component quality (including completeness of rulebook)
  • Ease of play
  • It’s a challenge for both sides to win
  • Random events add surprise, chaos, and fun with little overhead
  • Plenty optional rules available for those wanting more detail

What didn’t I like?

  • Fog of war option not really playable solitaire
  • Limited number of random events
  • Corps level of operations – I would prefer Division scale or lower…

All in all, a great package bursting with good gaming joy. (This would make a nice introduction to historical wargaming.)

Well done GMT.