Every cadaver has a silver lining

From Roll on Friday:

Firm finds dead body in chimney

A law firm which found a dead body in its chimney has made the most of the free publicity.

Pest controllers were called to Moody & Woolley Solicitors in Derby to locate what they thought was a rotting pigeon after staff complained that the office smelt worse than usual and was full of flies. Instead they discovered the corpse of a suspected burglar trapped in the chimney.

But every cadaver has a silver lining. By the time the national press came calling partner Martina Longworth had recovered from her grief sufficiently to shoehorn a list of Moody’s areas of expertise into her statement. Longworth told reporters “As a firm of solicitors we deal with probate matters [and] we deal with family matters including child protection, so we’re used to difficult matters.”

Employees who thought they were in shock will be relieved to learn that they are in fact as nonplussed by the appearance of a carcass falling on their desk as they are drafting its will.

Presumably the firm are believers in the (law) school of ‘there is no such thing as bad publicity’. (I bet if it had happened in the USA, the suspected burglar’s survivors would have sued.)