Do not dare

An outstanding (and important) comment from Harry’s Place:

Greenewald is morally bankrupt. Norm Geras is excellent once again on this and I can’t add anything to his precis.

I am proud and privileged to have served in Helmand Province both as a soldier and latterly as a civilian. I have seen at close quarters the damage inflicted on Muslims by…yes, other Muslims. I have seen the results of poison attacks on girls for the crime of going to school and I have seen the corpes of those Muslims murdered by their fellow Muslims for the crime of taking part in development projects. I have also seen the armies of the United Kingdom, United States and others place themselves in incredible danger in order to save the lives of Muslims and I have seen life-saving medical care given to Muslims who not ten seconds earlier were trying to kill my comrades and I. I have seen the gratitude in the eyes of those Muslims whose villages had been liberated from the tyranny and cruelty of the rule of other Muslims. I have seen the exacting and exhaustive investigations into instances where our armies unintentionally killed or injured innocent people and I have seen cash handed over to those whose properties have been damaged by fighting. I have seen the apprehension and fear on the faces of these Muslims when they speak of what awaits them when the western forces leave them, potentally to the mercy of other Muslims.

I do not support all which we have done in Afghanistan and elsewhere, but, Glenn Greenewald, do not dare try to tell me that life would be better if we had never turned up. Do not dare tell me that western armies are worse behaved than the mysogynisitc murderers of the Taleban and al-Qaeda. Do not dare tell me that if only we stopped upsetting them, the extremists would somehow convert to social democracy. Do not dare.

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