On the table is Wimpfen, the next battle out of the Saints in Armor box. [See here for my initial quick review.] It’s another battle which the Protestant forces lost, probably as much due to bad luck as anything else, as some wagons decided to blow up and knock the stuffing out of what was left of the army’s resolve.

So far, all I have done is set the battle up and run through a couple of opening activations, to try and understand the tactical situation better.


The Protestant army, though backed up against a river, crossed by a single bridge, and rather reliant on their defensive position, did manage to collect a right wing strike force of cavalry without the Catholic army realizing what was going on. So, the game recreates the surprise by starting the opposing wing as all being formation shaken. (Not a good thing… though it could be worse!)

The challenge for the Protestant player is deciding when to activate that wing. Should he wait his turn (as it were) so allowing the possibility, subject to a die roll, of multiple activations? Or, should he try and preempt (jump the queue) to get at the opposing wing before they activate, but risk failing and losing the opportunity and the multiple activations? Intriguing.