Who was that masked man?

In among the many pieces written about the bombing of the Boston Marathon, and the apparent perpetrators, this piece: – The eleven most mystifying things the Tsarnaev brothers did – from Mother Jones is worth highlighting. Bear it in mind when people talk about well organized terrorist groups and the like. The facts do not lesson the death, destruction, or pain, but they should help maintain a sense of perspective.

One tangential thought – about human beings and the reliability of eye witness evidence – springs to mind from this part of the article:

…Dzhokhar made little effort to prevent cameras from capturing his face, making him easier to identify when the FBI released security camera photos on Thursday. Indeed, classmates at University of Massachusetts–Dartmouth did see him in the photos, but dismissed the similarity because it seemed so far-fetched.

Hmmm. I could have sworn that it wasn’t him, Officer…

[Spotted at Little Green Footballs.]