Smashing interview

I watched the Yom Hazikaron ceremony on television. Either side of that was a program featuring stories about soldiers who perished in the wars, and their families.

This is what I saw.

The journalist gets into the car of the person she is interviewing. The driver – the interviewee – drives off. Obviously, there’s a cameraman sitting in the back seat, and we see things through his lens.

As the car continues on its journey, the camera focuses on the journalist as she asks a question. The camera then swings across to the driver. I see him think about the question while he is driving. Then, I see him turn his head to the right so he can speak directly to the journalist. Yes, the car is still moving. Yes, the driver is no longer looking at the road ahead. Yes, I am screaming at the television: “Get your eyes back on the road ahead!” But the driver ignores me, finishes answering the question, and then turns back to face ahead.

The interview continues while I wonder how it could have ended up…

We lost the car, but it was a smashing interview...

We lost the car, but it was a smashing interview…

Incidentally, the next filmed interview in a car featured a driver (a woman) who managed to keep looking ahead while she answered the interviewer’s questions. However, she quite spoiled her road safety record when, in the midst of the interview, she answered a call on her mobile phone.

Was it a hands-free phone? It’s a multiple choice question. Here are the possible answers: (a) No; (b) No; or (c) No. Which do you pick?

So, she answers her phone. What makes it worse is that, presumably to allow the camera to catch the sound, she turns on the loudspeaker on her phone. All the time she is answering the call and switching on the loudspeaker, she is looking at her phone, not on the road. (And, yes, we can quite clearly see the car is in motion, in a built up area.)

No wonder we have such a bad road safety record.