Margaret Thatcher (1925-2013)

This collection of front pages, from Media Guido, is worth sharing:

Margaret Thatcher Headlines

You can read a decent obituary from the BBC here.

One of the reasons Thatcher was hated was misogyny; men hated her for being a woman – a powerful woman at that – who was telling them they were wrong. (They also hated her because she was right, in more ways than one.) Sure, there were political opponents who opposed her on ideological grounds, for reasons of policy, or approach. But in among the sometimes carefully reasoned, often passionate arguments made against her point of view, there was a thick, stubborn, inflexible, old fashioned hatred just because she was a woman*.

What made it worse, is that she was a force for change; changing the economy, the power of the unions, the role of government, and the socialist legacy of council housing. Many people are not comfortable with change in their personal lives, never mind the type of sweeping changes she brought to the UK. So, some of the resistance was resistance to change.

And her legacy? I don’t expect any of the mainstream media to mention it, but her legacy includes – ironically – a bloody great big barrier to any woman worthy of the job wanting to rise to the office of Prime Minister in the UK. It appears to me that the old fashioned male values in politics were so shot through by Mrs T, that any woman politician who comes close to power will be looked upon with even more skepticism and, frankly, fear. And that is likely to be especially the case if the woman in question is strong willed, independent, principled, and right.

That’s how I will remember her: as a politician who stuck to her values.

May she rest in peace.

[*I have this mental image of the Tory old boys rubbing their hands with glee as they stabbed her in the back at her last cabinet meeting. Payback time!]