Why Comic Relief is not funny, and other links

Let’s start the blogging for March with a bundle of links, all worthy of your time.

At BBCWatch, more BBC bollocks:

Rubbish reporting from BBC Arabic

The fact that the BBC is to be found acting as a mouthpiece for Hamas propaganda in the company of outfits such as Electronic Intifada and MEMO should be of immense concern to BBC management and of course a correction to this report needs to be issued immediately.


At CiFWatch, why Comic Relief is not funny:

How many mosquito nets could Comic Relief provide if they didn’t fund War on Want’s anti-Zionist crusade?

The British people need to know that their precious donations to Comic Relief are being wasted on the racist ideologies of activists in War On Want who organise invasions of British supermarkets, call for Tesco and Sainsbury’s to be boycotted and who work for the only Jewish state to simply disappear.”


At Divest This, the BDS stand up comics:

BDS Lessons Learned – Strategy and Tactics

The worship of militancy and rejection of compromise that characterize the entire anti-Israel community also makes them vulnerable to demagogues and con men, which explains their willingness to accept the leadership of hucksters like Omar Barghouti and forgive the antics of George Galloway (who, despite alleged differences, pretty much represent the Bialystock and Bloom of the BDS world).


At the IDF Blog, the daily reality of attempted kidnappings, molotov cocktails, and people who want to kill Israeli soldiers:

#24h With IDF Soldiers Chapter 2: Judea and Samaria

Early Afternoon. Time to throw stones at the soldiers. The event normally disperses exactly one hour after it started, but it’s not quite over yet. “This is the part where they normally throw stones,” sighs Ynon. And indeed, a few seconds later, huge stones fly over the heads of the soldiers. One hits a soldier hard in the leg. Ynon orders his soldiers to put an end to the violence using non-lethal means.


At Ynet, why the price tag attacks are not always what they seem:

Police: Palestinians tried to fabricate ‘price tag’ attack

The findings prove once again that time and time again the Palestinians try to fabricate nationalistic events which cause us immense damage,” an Esh Kodehs resident said.

Shabbat Shalom!