We have a government!

From the Times of Israel:


You can read the details available here.

Note this:

On Thursday, representatives of Jewish Home failed to arrive for a scheduled noon meeting with Likud chief negotiator David Shimron, amid reports that the prime minister’s wife had delayed the final completion of coalition talks by demanding that Bennett — with whom she reportedly fell out when he served as her husband’s chief of staff from 2006-2008 — not be given the title of deputy prime minister. The same title was also therefore to be denied to fellow putative coalition partner Lapid, who worked closely with Bennett during the negotiations.

Shimron said it was an “ugly spin” to claim that Sara Netanyahu was responsible for the “ridiculous” argument over the deputy prime minister designations, and was sure “Mrs. Netanyahu has nothing to do with this.”

Suspicious? You bet I am. For example, it is also said the title of deputy prime minister has no significance. If so, why was it withheld? Doesn’t that suggest a spiteful action? Doesn’t that suggest Mrs Netanyahu may have had some involvement?

It could be spin, or misdirection, or both, or something else. But what it is, beyond any doubt, is a reminder that in Israeli politics – when dealing with Likud or Bibi or the old political parties – nothing is binding unless it is in writing. And then…

Meantime, let’s concentrate on the positive aspects: we have a government. Now they can make some progress, because there sure as hell is a lot to do.

A good time for a hearty Shabbat Shalom!