The lie of the land

I often refer to the Israeli newspaper (and web site) Ha’aretz as “The Enemy”. It’s not intended as a joke.

Ha’aretz offers a welcoming berth to anti-Zionists and all sorts of enemies of the country. They willingly print material about Israel – and only about Israel – which is distorted, or downright wrong.

It also has a near monopoly – or so it seems – in providing close links and story lines, incorporating those bastardized standards of journalism, to the journalists of the BBC and the Guardian.

Lately, Ha’aretz has excelled itself with what can only be described as blood libels. The fact these libels have, eventually, been owned up to and “corrected” does almost nothing to reduce the dreadful harm such poison causes.

The inimitable Elder of Ziyon has a post, entitled: Ha’aretz corrects yet another of its blood libels, five weeks late, which  is smack bang on target with this closing quote:

One can only hope that the editors of major media outlets are taking notice and understand that any Ha’aretz article that makes anti-Israel claims is automatically suspect, and needs to be verified before it is repeated.

I am not optimistic, though.

Neither am I.