Pierced – Thomas Enger

The setting is Oslo, Norway. The story is a follow up to the superb Burned, featuring investigative journalist Henning Juul, a man who lost his young son in a fire at his home.

Tori Pulli, a one-time debt collector and enforcer made good, is convicted of murder. He claims he is innocent and asks Juul to investigate, dangling the promise of information about the tragic fire in exchange for his release.

Inevitably, Juul’s investigation touches one or two raw nerves, and the repercussions are violent and bloody. 

The story is well constructed and well paced. It’s exciting, involving, and sprinkled with surprises.

Juul is a very sympathetic character, and you cannot help be drawn to him. Juul’s Deep Throat police source plays a much smaller part in this book than in the first, and that is definitely a good thing. The supporting cast are quite good, especially one of the killers who is unwillingly dragged into this murky world, and one of Juul’s journalist colleagues.

However, despite all these good things, the book does not quite live up to the high standard set by the first. It’s good but, just not as fresh or fizzing with life. That having been said, it leaves a nice hook to the next episode, and the thrill of anticipation remains high. In other words, I’ll be buying the next one!

Score: 7.5/10.