Half the people in this poster are important to the film

Half the people in this poster are important to the film

This is an action adventure film about a robber (played by Jason Statham) who is double crossed on a job, and sets out to get his revenge.

There’s plenty of action, with several well done fight sequences. While these work well, the superhuman ability of Parker to recover from his last fight’s wounds, is beyond reasonable limits.

The plot lacks depth, twists, and substance. The emphasis is simple: get revenge. Any complications are minor – or, at least, become minor in the face of Parker’s murderous abilities.

The baddies – led by Michael Chiklis of The Shield fame – ┬ádo a credible job of filling their roles well enough so as to lose any chance of sympathy from the audience.

On the feminine side, Jennifer Lopez and Emma Booth provide the “love” interest, in a reasonable fashion, supporting Parker in his one man war of revenge. However, there’s only one reason Ms Lopez appears on the movie’s poster, and it has nothing to do with the script.

Where the film really grates – if you think about it – are the many occasions it seeks to set Parker up as some kind of Robin Hood. He only robs people that can afford it and have insurance, and crap like that. People only get hurt if they don’t do what he says. In one scene, disguised as a man of the cloth, he patiently soothes one of his captives who has a panic attack. Oh what a nice, caring man. But the reality is that he is a violent robber prone to murder.

So, if you go to see it, don’t think about it. (There are some other really daft points in the film, so the more you think about it, the less well you will like it.) However, if you don’t try and analyse the film, you are likely to have an enjoyable couple of hours with not much downtime. Worth watching, but not great cinema.