Just another schoolday…

As spotted by IsraellyCool, earlier this month there were reports of Israel arresting schoolkids “…on their way to school“. It was ‘backed up’ by a video report.

For example, at B’tselem.


And at the Huffington Post.


Here’s the video they didn’t show:

On their way to school? Terrorist College?  You can understand why some of the kids might have been crying their eyes out in the first video; after all, if you had been throwing stones at soldiers, the last thing you would want in your life would be to be up close and personal, and in big trouble!

The next time you see a ‘human rights’ report from either of these organizations, be cynical, be sceptical, and be very hesitant to accept anything they say as truthful.  There is more than one way to lie, as the above clearly shows.