Is this leading by example? [Update]

From the Jerusalem Post:

Shas boycotts final cabinet meeting of outgoing government

All of Shas’ ministers stayed away from Sunday’s cabinet meeting, likely the current government’s last, apparently in protest at not being included in the next coalition.

Previously we had Shas behaving like a baby, throwing a rattle out of the pram. This latest episode conjures up pictures of a naughty boy having a temper tantrum, stamping his feet, and screaming: “It’s not fair! It’s not fair!

Does this behavior strike you as being mature, responsible, and a good example of how to conduct yourself in public life?

Shas, as a party, keeps shooting itself in the foot. To continue the metaphor, it will soon be limping into the political background. There, if there’s any justice, it will wither and die. It could engage in some serious, critical introspection, correction, and rebirth, but I am not optimistic.

If Shas are not in power, it will be case of goodbye to bad rubbish.

[Update: a later Jerusalem report piece has Shas denying any boycott. See here. The explanation is not convincing to me: “Party sources say ministers did not attend meeting due to personal engagements, and not in protest of being excluded from next coalition.

Cabinet meeting or personal engagement? Which should I go to?

Earth to Planet Shas – you are supposed to be representing the voters, not attending personal events!

A fine example they have set, one way or the other.]