Flotilla boat sunk?

Here’s one of those pro Palestinian sites which spouts (hate and) rubbish about the situation in Gaza.


It seems to have something of a blind spot when it comes to places like Egypt (which has a border with Gaza) and Syria (which has seen many Palestinians killed).

However, ignoring the hate and the politics for a moment, when I looked at the site I could not help be drawn by the Local Boat initiatives section on the right, and especially the entry for Scotland.  What were my former countrymen up to in the Free Gaza world? I wanted to know. So, I decided to click on the link. This is where it took me:


No, that is not Gaelic! I guess the Scottish Local Boat initiative has sunk. (Other links go to dead ends, too, so it appears this site is pretending to have a greater presence and reach than it actually does.)