First the loose hinge, now the loose screw

As a follow up to my earlier post about Lord Nazir Ahmed, Harry’s Place reports on an almost unbelievable Twitter exchange between Daniel Finkelstein (of the Times) and Michael White (of the Guardian):


The exchange includes this, after Mr F asked Mr W “What have the settlements got to do with it?

@Dannythefink A lot. Whenever one types “double standards” about tendentious Muslim claims those Israeli settlements start waving too.

Daniel Finkelstein ‏@Dannythefink
@MichaelWhite Please, no. A Rotherham man is claiming the Jews helped convict him of a driving offence. What has Israel to do with it?

As for the driving offence, Mr F was being too kind. Ahmed killed another human being. He happened to do it by driving his car. He is, by any standards, bloody lucky he wasn’t in receipt of a stiffer sentence. But quite what Mr W was thinking of, it wasn’t the victim, and it wasn’t Ahmed’s guilt. It was, instead, time to blame the Jews settlements. On that basis, Mr W has a screw loose. Maybe more than one.

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