Druze choose to serve

From the IDF blog:

The “Herev” Battalion is an infantry battalion, unique because it is composed exclusively of soldiers from the Druze community. Today, 83 percent of this community chooses to enlist in the IDF, and the majority choose to serve in combat units. 87 percent are drafted into the “Herev” Battalion.

Last week, the battalion’s new recruits finished their training course with a beret march. Throughout the 45 kilometers of the march, they passed through their own villages, where families and friends laid out tables of food for them. This was more your average beret march: it’s a symbol for the Druze community and the pride they have for their soldiers and their families.

Not an aspect of the IDF you are likely to see mentioned in the Guardian or on the BBC. However, you can read the whole thing – a pictorial report – here.