What does truce mean?

Not good news as reported this morning by Ynet:

Rocket hits outskirts of Ahskelon; none injured

Grad rocket hits road in southern city’s industrial zone for first time since Operation Pillar of Defense

A Grad rocket fired from Gaza landed on the outskirts of Ahskelon. No injuries were reported.

The rocket landed on a road in the city’s industrial zone, causing some damage. Security forces are at the scene. The area’s residents reported hearing echoes of an explosion.

Hamas have broken the truce. Surprise, surprise. Here’s hoping it really is an isolated incident. But do take some time to consider how you would feel about this news if you lived anywhere near Gaza… My thoughts are with the residents of the south of Israel. I hope they do not have to endure more terror.

(Memo to the BBC and Guardian: terror. That’s how you spell it. Now use it.)