Operation Gazelle


This is Grognard Simulations’ game of the later part of the 1973 Sinai Campaign with the Israeli forces crossing the Suez Canal after the Egyptian offensive had stalled. Units are battalions and companies, hexes are 1.5km, and turns are 4 hours of real time.

The system is a straightforward “I go, you go” with one serious deviation, namely variable combat strengths.

In a nutshell, when stacked with a battalion, certain company sized combat units – such as anti-tank, armored cavalry, engineers, and intelligence units – roll 1d6 on a table which generates a variable modifier as a fraction of the battalion’s strength.

For example, a 9 strength battalion is stacked with a 2 strength anti-tank unit. The anti-tank unit rolls on the table and gets a “.1” modifier [read 10%] so the stack’s combat strength is 9 plus 2 plus 0.9 equals 11.9… yes, with both sides potentially going through such calculations, a calculator is handy, even if only to double check the odds calculations.

So, combat is a bit clunky. But it sure as hell makes it difficult to work out what is going to happen in advance. No certainty of odds in this game.

My playing experience is limited, so far, to a few turns of one of the single map scenarios. (There are 2 maps.) As the Egyptian side takes a while to wake up, the number of combats is not huge and is manageable. My concern is that as the action heats up, it may be less manageable. However, some will revel in that detail tacked on to a basic system. I just wonder if there is a smoother way of getting the same chaos.

Unfortunately, the rules are not as complete as I would like. I have posted my queries in the Consimworld game folder. I’m not sure if I will persist playing the game much longer now, as I may wait till I have sorted out the queries and come back to it later. It definitely has potential, but it is a bit of a rough diamond.