Never mind the headline…

This is the headline from a New York Times piece on the clashes that took place at Rachel’s Tomb, outside Bethlehem:


The headline suggests Israeli troops fired on protesting demonstrators. No context and no explanation up front. It’s a way of reinforcing the nonsense about disproportionate use of force.

And the article starts by reinforcing that nonsense:

“Two Palestinian teenagers were seriously injured Monday when Israeli soldiers used live ammunition to disperse a demonstration at a holy site outside Bethlehem, as clashes in the West Bank continued for a fifth day and thousands attended the burial of a 30-year-old Palestinian who died in an Israeli jail over the weekend.”

It appears the NYT shares much of the Guardian and BBC’s practices. If you read all the way down the article – to paragraph 11 out of 13 – you finally get the context and explanation:


So the hints about disproportionate use of force were bollocks. The “protesters” were throwing “improvised grenades” at “worshipers”. To put it another way, they were trying to kill Jews who were praying at a holy site.

So, the NYT headline could have been:

Palestinian rioters shot while trying to kill worshipers

But no such headline appeared. Instead, more slander and bias. Only belatedly, when most readers have long since moved on, is there any attempt at balance. And a half hearted one at that.

This story is a fine example of why you should rarely believe a Mainstream media headline. In fact, let me rephrase that: this story is a fine example of why you should rarely believe the Mainstream media.

[A tip of the hat to Love of the Land.]