Is anyone listening?

The BBC recently broadcast an interview with Khaled Masha’al of Hamas. As BBC Watch reports:

Masha’al continues to try to explain, [his group’s stance on the two state solution] but at 04:31 Sackur interjects:

“But I just want to nail down what your current position is on the question of a two state solution to provide a lasting peace between Israel and the Palestinians. The Saudi newspaper Al Sharq reported just the other day that you are now prepared to accept a two state solution. You have told this, according to the newspaper, to King Abdullah and you’ve asked King Abdullah to…of Jordan…to relay this message to President Obama. Is that true?”

Masha’al replies unequivocally:

“This is not true.”

In fact, various Hamas officials had denied the report by Al Sharq a whole week before the ‘Hardtalk’ programme was broadcast and four days before it was recorded.

When Hamas say they want to liberate Palestine from the river to the sea, they mean what they say. Except that their definition of ‘liberate’ and mine are polar opposites.

As it says on BBC Watch:

Is the BBC really comfortable with the fact that the proverbial cigarette paper cannot be inserted between its own reporting and the propaganda of a racist terrorist organisation?

You can read the whole piece here.