Herzliya run


I was nursing an injury this week that kept me away from the gym and my bike. This morning I had had enough, grabbed my bike and headed out for Herzliya Marina. (I should have grabbed some water for my backpack as well, but that’s another story. No harm done!)

The weather started off pleasant – blue skies, not too hot – then warmed up in the middle, and cooled down with a wind. I took it easy, the objective being to get in some time exercising rather than break any records, and it was a pleasant experience.

The car park at the Shivat HaKochavim mall in Herzliya, through which I normally ride on the way to the marina, is being dug up. So, I got some real mountain biking, complete with mud, mud, and more mud. I paid the price for all that mucking about in the puddles, because it took me twice as long to clean the bike!

At the marina, there’s a long breakwater pier you can ride out on to. It features several versions of the following sign:


Now you know, there are two things you are not supposed to do here. Quiz: which one of these banned activities is popular, despite the ban? Here’s the answer:


And he was not the only fisherman enjoying his sport.

There are a few more snaps I took available to see here.

That’s it for me for now.

Shabbat Shalom!