From the depths

Unbelievable maneuver of the day: I was driving my car on the inside lane of the main motorway, going home tonight. I checked my mirrors and all was clear. The next thing I know, some stupid bastard is overtaking me on the inside – what they call the emergency lane in the UK – before nipping in ahead of me, then repeating the move with the car in front.

I hope I’m not with his insurance company.

Unbelievable maneuver of the month: one day last month, in busy rush hour traffic, a motor bike zig-zagged past me. Going slow? No. Driver plus pillion passenger? Yes. Other cargo? Yes. What other cargo? A boxer. A boxer, as in a man with shiny shorts and big red gloves? No, a boxer as in a fully grown, boxer dog, straddling the motor bike between driver and passenger. No, he wasn’t wearing a seat belt…

I’ll pause here while you try and picture the bizarre event. Motor bike plus driver plus passenger plus boxer dog. Weaving in and out of rush hour traffic. I did not believe it. (I still don’t, almost.)

What is it that possesses some people to behave like stark raving lunatics on the roads? I’ll give the benefit of the doubt to the boxer.