Enough, already?

I spotted an article about Israel’s refusal to deal with the UNHRC, by re-elected Labor Knesset Member Dr Nachman Shai, at the Love of the Land blog. Surprisingly, it was published at Haaretz, which would have been the last place I would have expected to see it. Here is a brief extract:

Because of UNHRC processes, the “universal periodic review” essentially acts as a rubber stamp on the behavior of the very worst human rights violators. China, North Korea, and countless other nations whose human rights records make Colonel Gaddafi look like Mother Theresa, routinely get a pass from the Council. Syria, which is estimated to have murdered over 60,000 people over the past couple of years, rarely finds itself in the Council’s spotlight.

But if an alien descended from the heavens and looked in on the UNHRC’s agenda, they would immediately conclude that one country above all others is the most grotesque human rights violator of all time. And it’s not Syria, Iran, North Korea or even the Council’s venerable vice president, Sudan.

It is Israel, the Middle East’s only democracy, that is the only country in the world that the UNHRC deems worthy of a standing agenda item. Perhaps even more incredibly, almost 40 per cent of all UNHRC resolutions condemning a specific country have been directed against the Jewish state.

Some of this content is worth bearing in mind the next time some opponent of Israel mentions the UN. The modern day UN is a sick, largely anti-Israel joke. I’m unsure if shying away from the phrase “a sick, largely anti-Semitic joke” shows good taste, poor judgement, or cowardice  You tell me.

Meantime, you can read the whole thing here. It is worth reading.