Weather forecast

clouds in the desert


This is for friends and family who complain bitterly, regularly, and justifiably about the weather in the UK.  We do get bad weather in Israel too, you know. This is from the Jerusalem Post today:

Heavy rain fell from the North to the Negev overnight Saturday, with the stormy winter weather expected to continue on Sunday and throughout the week.

Forecasters expect the coming week to be one of the rainiest in recent memory with some 100 millimeters of rain expected in central Israel and as much as 250mm. expected to fall in the North.

Mount Hermon is also expected to see continued snowfall throughout the week. Melting snow from Mount Hermon and the Golan will add some 30 centimeters to Lake Kinneret, according to forecasts.The Israel Meteorological Service said that snow could fall in Jerusalem as well on Wednesday.

Authorities warned the public to prepare for winds up to 100 km/h on Sunday evening, especially in coastal areas. The[y] advised tying down or taking inside garden items that could be swept up in the wind.

The Israel Electric Company instructed the public to keep heating thermostats at 18 degrees Celsius to prevent causing power surges and electrical outages.

And if you truly want to feel sorry for us, we have had a a couple of nights of disturbed sleep due to the heavy thunder. See? It’s not all blue skies and warm weather!

A good week to one and all.