There will be a blue moon in the sky…

I have posted before about anti-semitic incitement (for example, here) but the recent exposure of a certain President Morsi’s contribution to the hate fest has brought the topic – at least temporarily – into focus. So, it’s no surprise that the Elder of Ziyon produces a damning post about this.

First, his opening quote sets the scene:

One of the more interesting observations about the current kerfuffle over Morsi being caught calling Jews “apes and pigs” is that this rhetoric is mainstream not only in the Muslim Brotherhood – but by the so-called “moderate” Palestinian Authority.

You know, the people that the UN just overwhelmingly decided were deserving of a state.

The Elder then lists a few examples of their continuing incitement.

You should read the whole thing. But, if nothing else, please note his powerful, and persuasive conclusion:

For those who try to argue that these are not representative of Palestinian Arabs as a whole, I have only one request: Find me a news story showing Arabs protesting against any single one of these expressions of Jew-hatred. Find me a columnist in a PA newspaper who criticize these broadcasts. Find me an organization in the territories that fights anti-semitism. Prove that these are the exception, and not the rule.

You can’t.

If the Elder is right – and I think he is – what do you think are the chances of this situation changing anytime in the near future? Certainly, if the USA and Europe continue to ignore the topic as if it were of no significance, there’s no chance short of a miracle happening.

The more important question: please explain to me how you fashion a meaningful peace solution with one party so full of hate? Hate that is regularly topped up. Hate that the West gives a relatively free pass to.

You can’t.