Sunday on a Friday


One of the biggest changes in our lives since making aliyah, is the structure of the week. The working week for most people here is Sunday to Thursday, and the weekend is Friday and Shabbat (Saturday). After I started working in Israel, the first few Saturday nights were when it hit home most; instead of thinking about the next day (Sunday) being a non working day – and, typically in the UK, a cycling day – it was time to get back on to the working routine. However, once I was used to it, it stopped bothering me. The challenge, of course, is to get used to it.

It was Susan who spotted another interesting change: you get the Sunday papers on a Friday.

Although it did change slightly in the UK in later years, the general position was that the Sunday papers were the big, heavy, issues with separate sports, culture, fashion, business, and other supplements. You could fold most Sunday newspapers into a serviceable club to bludgeon your enemies with, if you were so minded. But in Israel, the chunky papers come on a Friday (as you can see from the heading picture) with their Shabbat supplements. The Jerusalem Post comes with its main news section, supplemental news section, Billboard (events), Magazine (magazine type articles), and Metro (more magazine articles with a more local emphasis). The most popular Israeli paper, despite being a free paper – Israel HaYom – also has a Shabbat supplement.

So, over Shabbat, we read the Sunday papers we get on a Friday. Welcome to Israel!