Peres’ modest narrative

On the Love of the Land blog, Jonathan S Tobin has an interesting piece on Peres, and his place in Israeli politics. It quotes Peres’ modest narrative about himself:

“I do not think there are many people in the world who can say they managed to bring down a 600 percent inflation rate, create a nuclear option in a small country, oversee the Entebbe operation, set up an aerospace industry and an arms-development authority, form deep diplomatic relations with France, launch a Sinai campaign to open the Straits of Tiran and put an end to terror from Gaza.”

Not backward in coming forward, is he?

While I found the analysis interesting, the one point of detail I would quibble with is this comment:

“…his faith in President Obama’s good will toward the Jewish state is equally out of touch with mainstream Israeli opinion.”

I wonder if it is correct to say the mainstream Israeli opinion is anti-Obama; is it perhaps right wing Israeli opinion? For my part, I find Obama’s foreign policy a total mystery, but I am unconvinced he is an enemy of Israel. He has had plenty opportunity to really stab us in the back, but has not done so. He may not be our greatest supporter, but that is something else entirely. And it is a legitimate question as to whether relationships would be better if it were not Netanyahu on the Israeli side.  (That having been said, Netanyahu is probably one person guaranteed to stand up for Israel in the face of foreign criticism.)

I await (and expect) developments after the Israeli elections. Will a newly elected Netanyahu change anything in his approach to International diplomacy?  Could there be a surprise construction freeze on the way, as a gesture to Obama and Abbas? More interesting times ahead?