Just the two of us [updated]

I spotted this new poster for Naftali Bennett and the Habayit Hayehudi party:


Ignore the text, however, and look at the two individuals pictured. On the left, Naftali Bennett. On the right, Bibi Netanyahu. What the hell is Bibi – prime minister and leader of the Likud party – doing on this poster?

The text across the top reads “Strong together.” At the bottom: “Choose Bennett.” So what is it all about?

According to some friends, the implication is that Bennett and Netanyahu have done a deal. Unsurprisingly, Bibi and Likud are unhappy about this. (I’m unsure if they are unhappy because (a) it’s true and they don’t want people to know or (b) it’s not true.)

It’s the first time I have seen a party political advert using the leader of another party in that way. Bizarre. It’s a funny old country, Israel. That’s for sure.

[Update: see here.]