Good news start to the year

Newly arrived supplies!

Newly arrived supplies!

From the Herald:

Trio of distillery launches planned for 2013

BY the end of 2013, three new malt whisky distilleries will have started producing spirit, if current plans are borne out.

At one end of the country, Thurso’s Wolfburn distillery, which claims to be the most northerly on the Scottish mainland, is just weeks from starting production.

In the far south, Annandale, Scotland’s first distillery after the English Border, is awaiting delivery of stills and other equipment ahead of a summer launch.

Meanwhile, on the Ardnamurchan peninsula, groundwork on the distillery site has paused for the festive season but its owner, specialist bottling company Adelphi, plans to begin production before the end of 2013.

Between them, the distilleries will produce the equivalent of 600,000 litres of pure alcohol (lpa) a year; a mere trickle compared with the 10 million lpa Diageo’s new distillery, Roseisle, can produce.

However, their creation highlights confidence in the rising demand for Scotch. And with all of them focusing on single malts, it demonstrates faith in the growth of the top end of the market.

Now that’s what I call good news. Ok, we will have to wait a few years to taste the output, but you can never have too many distilleries.