Buried Secrets – Joseph Finder

This is a book featuring the second of the adventures of Nick Heller, ex special forces operative and now freelance operative. With his own troubled background (a father who was a big money fraudster, and a brother specializing in getting into trouble) Heller is no stranger to challenges, and – as you might expect – is well able to match them.

This particular story is about Heller trying to find the kidnapped daughter of another high flying finance wizard whose magic has run out. The girl has been buried underground, and Heller is in a race against time to save her.

The thriller is a good romp, with twists and turns along the way of a well plotted, high action adventure. The author has clearly done a lot of research which he has packed into the book. Unfortunately, his writing doesn’t do it justice; the story is ok, the action is ok, and the entertainment is ok. But,ultimately, that’s as far as it goes. The plot is weak, and the characterization is largely as shallow as a street puddle.

Not a waste of time, but not an inducement to read any more by this author.

Score: 5/10.