A real winter

Where is my canoe?

Where is my canoe?

Yesterday, there was a work event in Tel Aviv. To cut a long story short, instead of the hour long drive it should have taken me (in rush hour), I ended up being in the car for almost three hours. Fallen trees, flooded roads, and a wonky app all contributed.

First, the picture above shows the main Ayalon highway (motorway) through the center of Tel Aviv yesterday. That brown stuff is not strangely colored paving; it’s flood water… As you can imagine, with the main motorway blocked, chaos was guaranteed.

Second, as this Times of Israel story reports, the traffic app Waze suffered a major meltdown. It appeared not to recognize that the highway was closed, and sent drivers in its direction. I was using that app yesterday, but fortunately had been told about the closed highway. So, it did not directly affect me. However, the knock on consequences of many drivers trying to reach a place that was blocked, and then all trying to get out of there, added to the regular chaos.

I am delighted to say, despite the bad weather still continuing, the journey home was the usual length of time. Given the police had told people to stay away from the city, I suspect many did not turn up for work yesterday.

[Thanks to Lori for the picture.]