Still pushing panzers


Wargaming time has been limited,so Panzer (from GMT) is still on the table. I have managed to play several turns of a few scenarios using the basic and advanced rules, and thought I would post some impressions.

What I like about Panzer

  • It’s a GMT game; quality assured
  • Jim Day’s online support – on ConSimWorld – is excellent
  • Anti-tank combat system
  • Unit Data Cards are excellent
  • Game tables and charts are clear, well organized, and easy to read
  • Comprehensive data on tanks and weapons units
  • Comprehensive organizational (TOE) data
  • Easy to create DIY scenarios

What I do not like about Panzer

  • Ground scale – 100m per hex; made to allow the modern versions to graft on easily. Would have preferred 50m.
  • Anti-personnel combat system
  • Bland infantry units; a squad is a squad is a squad, generally
  • Command system – ie, the orders and their markers
  • Rules organization, presentation, and – occasionally – language
  • Implementation of command control effects
  • Implementation of morale effects
  • Marker proliferation; it’s a bane of most tactical combat systems, but – perhaps with the addition of the command counter AND the spotting marker – it’s reached overload.
  • Counters – great tank graphics, spoiled by the movement points printed on them; just does not look right to me.
  • Counters – I do not like the fact there are different tanks on either side of the counters. I would have preferred to pay more to have a tank on one side and a KO or BU version on the other.


What I would like to see for Panzer

  • Historical modules with actual terrain
  • Smaller scenarios
  • New organization of rulebook
  • Other people’s House Rules (For example, I have been mucking about with an off board command display, to reduce the on board counter clutter. How else are people tweaking their game?)


The abundance of dislikes may lead you to think I dislike the game; I don’t. There are just certain aspects that I dislike. I still want to play it, have played it, and will play it. But I wish I had more time – and local wargaming opponents – to work on tweaking it.