State of affairs

I have been under the weather since the Palestinian “upgraded status” resolution was passed at the United Nations General Assembly. Purely a coincidence, but I was sufficiently incapacitated to keep me from posting. Given my mood, that was a good thing. Now, while the dust has settled a bit, my mood has improved a touch, and I can try to be more measured.

I am disappointed in the European powers for being, in the main, cowardly. They know that the resolution flew in the face of the Oslo Accords. If nothing else, they should have looked at the horde of thugocracies voting in favor, and realised they were keeping very bad company. I mean, didn’t anybody stop to think to themselves: Isn’t that Sudan presenting the resolution on behalf of the Arab group? Isn’t their ruler wanted for crimes against humanity by the International Criminal Court? Crimes like genocide? Isn’t that a wee bit off?

I am also disappointed at the announcement of the new building permits in the east of Jerusalem and Judea and Samaria. For now, I’m not going into whether it’s right or wrong to build beyond the Green Line, but I see it as a clumsy move, very definitely made at the wrong time. If anything, it has deflected attention from the unilateral step taken by Abbas and Co. It was wholly unnecessary. If ever there were a time for patience, that was it. ¬†Strike, by all means. But strike smart.

And I am disappointed at those naive commentators who believe – while even admitting the resolution might be wrong – that after it, Abbas would be returning to the negotiation table. Not. Going. To. Happen. ¬†If Abbas, and whoever he represents, wanted to return to peace talks, he could have done it long before now. Why do people believe that the Israelis do not want peace, but it is the Palestinians who have pre-conditions? It’s nutty. There are a lot of people out there inhabiting a dreadful mindset of self delusional nonsense. The challenge for Israel is to find some way of shaking them out of it.

Finally, if you are not overly tired of commentary on this issue, I though this piece was one of the best. Worth reading.