Is there an Economist in the house?

I enjoy the Economist. I like the high standard of writing, the generally high standard of its editorial and arguments, its breadth of coverage, and its occasional quirkiness. The latter comes to the fore, once a year, in its twin festive – Special Christmas Double Issue – edition. It’s newly arrived here:


As well as the usual coverage of world politics, business, science, and the arts, the festive edition is overflowing with off beat articles to allow its serious readers (ahem) to let loose a little, and enjoy themselves. (You can see some of the titles on the front cover.) I can confidently say, I have some good reading ahead.

Aside: can you see the cartoon hang glider pilots of Bibi and Hamas? What do you think? Legitimate acidic comment, or obscene moral equivalence? There are also unpleasant suggestions about other world figures, but none so obviously matched. Is that fair? I wonder if the first issue of 2013, or the online community will discuss or ignore it. I’m betting on the latter.