Iran to Facebook

According to this story at the Register, Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei:

…set up his new Facebook profile on Friday, and it has already garnered nearly 6,000 “Likes”, even though the social network is technically blocked by the Iranian government’s internet filters.

His law abiding subjects cannot see his Facebook page, but the rest of the world* can.

As the article, with considerable restraint, concludes:

…it seems likely that the Iranian leader might maintain his online profiles as information (or disinformation) services for those outside the country.

After all, by flouting his country’s own internet filters to access the blocked services, Khamenei has already demonstrated that he has no qualms about applying a double standard.

There’s got to be something useful to put on his Facebook page…

[*The rest of the world that is, apart from China, or other state controlled internet zones.]